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Read somewhere that pushing with your patients and counting to ten is ancient. What's the new way?... Read More

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    I love it when I can tell a patient to "just listen to your body and do what it tells youu." They start out with short little grunts (the equivalent of a pt with an epidural laboring down) and as the baby gets lower and they feel more pressure the pushes become longer and stronger, but not usually as long or forceful as the count to ten and push harder...harder...HARDER. When it works, it makes for a beautiful natural birth. But a lot of American women aren't really in touch with their bodies--they're in their heads wanting to control things and "do it right". These women do better with coaching. I don't count, I praise, when my breath gets a little short, I tell them to take another breath. Many women need to be reminded to exhale before taking another breath. You cannot praise a laboring woman too much, she deserves as much as you can give her and more. "Good job, that's right.fantastic. keep going, I can see that the baby's moving lower (if it is). Push, lower, lower, you're pushing in your face/chest, push in your bottom like you're trying to pee (somtimes more effective than poop). That's it, can you feel the difference, you really moved the baby that time, do it again just like that.Lots of feed back. I can see the electrode wire moving, some hair with my fingers in your vagina, without my fingers in your vagina, the baby's head.Take the Intermediate Fetal Monitoring course thru AWHONN, management of the second stage of labor is discussed. AWHONN publishes a booklet on second stage of labor with lots of references.It's not very expensive and you'll have all the evidence you need to convince reasonable docs. For the unreasonable ones, you may find that a lot of your patients develop that persistent anterior lip,

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