How do i become a Midwife or Doula?

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    I graduated high school in June of 2011 and have been searching for something i would be interested in to pursue as a career. I realized when a few of my friends and family became pregnant and started asking me questions about what was going on and different stages and 9 times out of 10 i had the answer and could explain it to where they understood. If i didn't know id research it till i could answer them. I even had to explain things to my mom and she has had three kids I have always been interested in pregnancy and babies i have read many books about it. I want to become a midwife or Doula but i don't know what is required. I have visited many websites and they all say different things. So i would just liked to know what do i need to do to become a midwife or Doula?

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    To become a Certified Nurse Midwife you need to have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and then apply to an advanced program in Nurse Midwifery. Google doula training in your area. You do not need a degree for that. Good luck!
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    I have look at that it say to get a bsn u need to be an rn i have found places online that say u need a cna to become an lpn and then u can become an rn so what do i need to go to school to get first? So confused
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    You can obtain your RN by either getting an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree. It also depends on the programs you are looking into. There are programs where you earn your LPN and bridge to RN. Either way, you will need a Bachelor's degree to get into school for Nurse Midwifery. Check into the programs you are interested in attending and find out their requirements. You can try the local community colleges or the universities in your area for information on earning your RN. Frontier School of Nursing and Vanderbilt are two popular choices for Nurse Midwifery. You can find a lot of information on their websites.
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    Thank You So Much!!!! Ill check into it
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    as for doula education, there are a few great ones out there...DONE, CAPPA are the most recognized, but I prefer Birth Arts International, New Beginnings, or ToLabour,
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    Check out this website: DONA International – Birth Doula Certification

    There is some great information on it! Good luck to you!! Also, I believe that the requirements are different for doula training in every state. As for becoming a midwife, to my knowledge you will need to first obtain your BSN and get some experience as an RN. The go to a graduate program for MSN with a specialty in midwifery.
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    You can be a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) if they are Licensed in your state; without being a nurse. Go to the NARM website for the requirements. To be a Birth Doula, there are different requirements based on the organization that you choose to train with; and each organization has somewhat different philosophies about the Scope of Practice of a Birth Doula. Some organizations have more of a natural focus than others. You need to decide what best meets your needs in choosing your educational path. If you decide to be a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) you do not need to start as a CNA, LPN, etc. You can apply directly to BSN programs and later to an MSN midwifery program.

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