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Ok where I'm working atm they put the foley in the mom BEFORE the spinal. Yeah in the triage room where she is waiting to go back for her csection. I think its crazy. I was use to placing the foley immediately after they laid... Read More

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    We have the circulator, and then usually the charge nurse comes in and assists with tasks, prepping, etc. A nurse for the baby doesn't come in until the very end, along with the NICU team.

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    Well I think it's just pure control of the one and only OB. I've never had a foley...but I'm Sure they're quite uncomfortable.And as the nurse who goes along to the OR to do the baby, I'm more than happy to place the foley quickly after the spinal.I just might address this with my boss..
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    the only time I have ever dropped a foley pre-op is if the pt already was laboring for awhile with an epidural. Other than that, I do it after the spinal is placed.

    We too have the scrub tech (one of our LNAs), the circulator (me), our charge and a nursery RN (or a staff RN) to catch during our sections. Its nice.
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    Interesting...Obviously since they are going into surgery it makes sense to place the foley after anesthesia. No need to make things any more uncomfortable then they have to be.

    That being said...although I work in L&D now I came from 9 years in med-surg. We place foleys all the time with the patient awake and aware. It's uncomfortable but not that big of a deal. No worse than placing an IV typically.
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    Quote from IrishIzRN
    You have a charge, baby and circulator? Wow! We have 2 nurses during delivery. The rest of the time...there may only be 1 RN. The nurse that was assigned to mom is the one responsible for mom and baby and room. Sorry to get off topic.

    We do foley before in many cases and after in a few. It depends in what is going on.
    Not for the whole case---just to get things started. I just pointed it out to show we usually don't have a problem quickly getting in the foley after the spinal, which is maybe why no one minds waiting until the anesthesia for us to place it.
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    In this job, I only am in the OR to do the baby..I am More than happy and willing to place the foley myself since I'm just standing there waiting for the baby to arrive..
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    Quote from Fyreflie
    We have 3 RNs for every CS--scrub, circulate and patient care (assists anesthetist and recovers patient). It's lovely.
    Oh and the nursery comes to do the baby--even if it's booked!
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    Where I work the circulator (nurse who was assigned the pt) puts the foley in (which we do after anesthesia...unless of course the patient has one alreadyh in or it's an emergency) and she will recover the patient. We have one nurse who comes in to be baby nurse. Day shift has a scrub tech and evenings and nights does not (so of course in that case there will be either 3 RNs in there or if there isn't a 3rd to do baby then nursery would come). There have been at times where we're short and have to call the OR for a scrub tech for an evening or night section. It would be nice and in my opinion safer if we could have a scrub tech on all shifts that way it frees up an RN in case the floor has an emergency or a sudden influx of patients coming in (especially if they're active and definitely being admitted).
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    We put the foley in, prior to delivery if it will be general anesthesia, and leave it for OR for spinals. It has less to do with mother's comfort and more to do with spending the least amount of time, while under general anesthesia, so the baby will not receive as much of the anesthesia medications through the mother. They want the baby out "quick". A spinal has much less effect on the baby, therefore time can be taken to place the foley in the OR. Well, that's what they've preached to us all these years. Made sense to me. ; )
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    how often are mom's going under general marmelloz?

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