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So, I was applying for a clinic position in Occ Med after doing years of labor and delivery... The supervisor interviewing me asked me if I "catch babies" and said she "always wanted to catch a baby" and tried to convince the... Read More

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    But I agree to let it go. When she has her baby, maybe she will see L&D nurses do much more than that. Although she won't see behind the walls the nurses monitoring for decels and so on, and the actions THEY take that gets the OBs or CNMs butts in the room to prevent complications

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    It's true. Anyone can catch a baby. I've watched completely unprepared fathers catch their baby in their home (for example) plenty of times. Of course, those of us who are trained and have been 'catching babies' for years are much more graceful at it ;-)
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    Not to mention anyone could "catch" a baby if they absolutely had to, but what about during complications...lets say a shoulder dystocia..I guess they would be preparred for that and could easily handle it....mmmmhmmm
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    Secondary apnea, anyone?
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    I was thinking of all the skills we have that allow for easy "catching". Years of fetal monitoring, skills fairs for complications, training for c-sections, BLS, NRP, comfort techniques for moms, even training to prevent tearing in cases of nurse delivery(just mentioning the basics). I don't think that just "anyone" has this training. I find it insulting that this is all condensed down to "catching". No, I'm sorry, I am a skilled professional with years of training and experience in a specialty area of nursing, don't patronize me with simplification of what I do.
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    Over thinking a stupid comment anybody? There are so many day after day. How do you keep up?
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    Yep, and how about those that think our job is all rainbows and butterflies?
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    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    Yep, and how about those that think our job is all rainbows and butterflies?
    Cause all you do is fluff pillows and flirt with doctors all day?
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    I think I would have laughed it off and told her "it's a little more complicated than THAT, but yeah, I 'catch' babies, and it's a very rewarding career". Then just blown the rest off. I'd just chalk it up to a lack of understanding on her part. (And a curiousity and dreaminess people have over the realities of our job...and too much TV...lol)

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