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A girl I know keeps posting on Facebook saying how "delivers babies" at work.Then she receives all these comments like "you probably delivered my twins" or you're a great nurse. This girl is also a tech and often scrubs in the... Read More

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    Maybe I should've specified. From what I have read many places have the RN's scrub but I went with what I know from my hospital. Maybe 1 or 2 nurses couldn't they had to but they don't. The experience I'm getting now as an OB Scrub Tech will be priceless once I start nursing school in the fall. Can't wait!

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    Agree with both, however a majority of the Hospitals today utilize OB Surgical Techs in that role. They train for assisting in Caesarian sections with the doctors or Nurse Practitioners, as well as other duties associated with labor rooms and the OR. Nurses by definition do not unless they are trained as a OB Surgical Nurse.
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    Quote from adoRNo2015
    "she perceives that she is doing something different and important"

    What we do as OB Scrub Techs is different and it is important. We are usually also CNA's because we must maintain our CNA license, but we are also Surgical Technology graduates, so we have had to go to school for this for at least 1 year. A plain CNA could not be an OB Scrub a tech because they have to have a surg tech diploma. Even most nurses could not scrub a section because they're barely familiarized with sterile technique and with instruments. If one of us scrub techs is out sick, an RN would not be able to do what we do as far as the OR, they can in a vaginal delivery.
    I'm an RN and I can too do what a scrub tech does. Been there done that. LMAO.

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    Thank you for advice, closed per OP request.

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