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Curious about RNC

  1. 0 I am a nursing student in my second year and about to start my Ob clinical in the Fall. I work for an L&D unit at my local hospital and one of the nurses was studying for her RNC. What does this mean? What type of certification is this? I would just like some more information on this because I am considering OB after I graduate and would like as much helpful information as possible.
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    Look at the certification info on ANA website:

    Certifications indicate you have a higher level of expertise in a specific area of nursing. Most certs require you to be a practicing nurse in that area for a period of time 1-2 years for instance. Sometimes facilities will pay more for nurses who have certs. Many times these nurses want the challenge of getting and keeping this extra certification.
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    I found this on a website for you:

    It is not sufficient to complete a course in nursing in order to practice nursing and get employed in the community. An individual who graduates from a nursing program must pass a mandatory regulatory examination given by the state in order to safely practice nursing. As soon as one passes this regulatory examination, a license is issued and ones name is kept in a registry thus, a registered nurse (RN) title can now be attached to ones name.

    The second part of ones journey as a nurse is to gain more experience to qualify to take another set of examinations that is psychometrically sound and specialty –based. This is a voluntary standardized examination given by an accredited credentialing board or organization validating expertise in a designated field of nursing. Once an RN passes this examination, one is now a Certified RN in that particular specialty thus a letter C or BC (board certified) can now be used with the RN title.

    To learn more about the different nursing certifications, click on the subject certification on this site for the offsite link.

    Here are some of the most popular specialty-based certified nurse initials other than
    RNC or BC:
    CCRN - certified in critical care
    CNOR -certified nurse in operating room
    CIC - certified in infection control
    CAN - certified in nursing administration
    CNAA - certified in advanced nursing administration
    CNE - certified nurse educator
    CRNA - certified nurse anesthetist
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    CEN - certified Emergency Nurse
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    CRRN Certified Rehabilitation Nurse
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    Thank you for all the information. This really helped clear up some of the questions I had.

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