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  1. Hi everyone, am new here and an LPN. I am also 34 weeks pregnant with first child. I am seriously considering having a c-section due to increased anxiety and also because my baby is big, both my mother and sister have had big babies resulting in emergency c-section. I guess am just trying to prepare myself although my first choice is vaginal birth.
    My question is, does everyone get a foley if they have c/sections? And if they do, how long before it's removed? Can I walk with a foley aaa dangling between my legs, I do intend to walk as soon as I can. Any ideas or thoughts about fenugreek (I mispelled that) but it's a herbal supplement that supposedly help with milk production. Also if I do get a c/section, what can I do to make the milk drop faster, I do plan to breastfed 100%.
    Lastly, can any of you wonderful nurses skype with me during my birth? Just kidding (my husband asked). Thank you for responding and for all the wonderful info you have all shared.
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  3. by   SilentfadesRPA
    You need to discuss these concerns with your OB-GYN or NM otherwise I wish you your husband and new baby all of the best.
  4. by   LuckyinKY
    First off, take a deep breath and relax Pregnancy is scary no matter how many babies you have had. Have you been to any birthing classes? There are things you can do to help make a vaginal birth less traumatic. Having had 2 sections not by choice, I would advise you to go for a vaginal birth unless there is an emergency situation.

    As far as milk supply, a good lactation consultant and the local La Leche League can be very helpful. Breastfeeding the first few weeks can be very stressful and having an experienced person guide you can make a world of difference. If you plan on working and breastfeeding, or if you run into problems with supply, a good electric breastpump (like the Medela Pump in Style) is helpful. Fenugreek can be helpful if you are having supply issues, but it is too soon to worry about that. A well-balanced diet and lots of water, along with keeping yourself relaxed are the first steps to good milk production. Lots of skin to skin contact also helps stimulate your milk supply.

    A good site to check out with all kinds of breastfeeding information is:
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    Hey! My best friend is really tiny, like 5'1" and just had her son (first child) 3 weeks ago vaginally, he was 9 pounds!! She was feeling herself about 5 days after he was born. I did 26 hours natural labor, had "emergency c-section" and me and my daughter were fine, no complications. They put her to my breast immediately, as soon as I was stitched up and wheeled to recovery ( within about 10 minutes). My.milk came in about 3 days later, but colostrum is all your baby needs for the first days so dont worry at all!! Mother's Milk tea was fabulous. Highly recommend, I still breastfeed and she is 14 months. Really, truly, honestly- you will be amazed at how your body just does its thing! Vaginal deliveries are so much easier to recover from, and your Dr will monitor things so dont worry!! If you fo have a c, I had a catheter for 24 hours, they did not allow me to walj for 24 hours. As soon as I walked I got catheter out. FYI, I could not sit on or get up from the toilet by myself the first week. Nor could I shower myself, and getting in and out of bed was hell the first 8 days. I pray to God I never have another C. My doctors were great, but it is actually a major surgery. They cut thru many layers and it takes months to heal. My dr does not recommend trying to conceive again for a full 18 months after a cesarian delivery. He recommends waiting 9-12 for vaginals. Not that I want anotger soon, lol.
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    Vaginal birth is the way to go. C-sections should be done if you had a C-section in the past or it is medically needed. The first 24-48 hours after birth you will be producing very small amounts of breast milk called colustrum. After that milk will be in larger amounts. Remember Breast is Best! Try to breast feed for as long as you can! The longer the better!! If you do have a C-section you will have a foley it is mandatory. You will also be on a clear liquid diet and gradually come to a regular diet. The foley will be attached to a band on your thigh and it is encouraged to walk around as soon as you can to prevent the formation of blood clots, just like any other surgery! Congrats!!
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    Agree that these are items best discussed with your provider.

    Per ou terms of service, we can't provide medical advice.