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Why am I hearing more and more of Dr.'s that ASK their patient's if they want to have a c-section instead of waiting and letting nature take it's course and baby comes naturally? I just don't get it! I have a friend that is... Read More

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    All these things maybe rare, but that doesn't stop them from popping up or becoming less rare when people are encouraged by various sources to refuse them.
    Some things - like HDN - are rare enough to begin with in untreated infants that I can't spend time getting worked up about parental refusal, unless parents also want the kid circed. I'm honestly more worried that someone will decline eyedrops and later pop up + for gonorrhea....but it's still parents' choice. Most patients I deal with who refuse have researched their options well.

    It is difficult when we (including myself here) see everything that can go wrong. I'm not swiping your perspective.
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    Quote from wtbcrna
    I never really understood taking IV/po pain medications over getting an epidural, but I respect each of my patients choices as long as it is safe and if it isn't safe then I just won't participate in their care. Pain medications (non-epidural) during labor have much more cognitive effect on the patient and effect the baby a lot more than the normal epidural ever will. Beside the fact that most IV/po medication never truly help with the labor pain anyways unless you give the patient such a big dose they practically stop breathing.
    I had Stadol and Demerol (had allergic reaction to Demerol the second time I had it, I almost stopped breathing) during some of my labors. When I didn't have an allergic reaction, these drugs helped me to calm down and sleep between contractions. I think it was just enough medicine to help. However, I think the two labors I had without any drugs at all were better for my babies. They seemed to breastfeed A LOT better and were the only two that did not develop jaundice.

    I just didn't think I was in enough pain to have something like an epidural. By the time I was just overwhelmed by the pain and saying crazy things to the OB that had him looking at me wide-eyed the baby would be crowning. By then everything is almost over.
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    The crnas ,somewhat snarkily, call vaginal births " failed c-sections".
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    Quote from sweetnepenthe
    The crnas ,somewhat snarkily, call vaginal births " failed c-sections".
    Not all CRNAs.....and personally I think doing anesthesia for c-sections are a pain in the butt.
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    C-sections are PITAs. We are being sarcastic because the c-section rates keep climbing and climbing and we can't believe the ob-gyns let one slip by without sectioning it.
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    Quote from sweetnepenthe
    C-sections are PITAs. We are being sarcastic because the c-section rates keep climbing and climbing and we can't believe the ob-gyns let one slip by without sectioning it.
    Just curious as to why you consider c-sections to be PITAs. Not criticizing - just wondering as I have noticed multiple anesthesia providers who seem not to want to have anything to do with OB patients. Is there something that makes them more difficult for anesthesia?
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    Quote from wtbcrna
    That was erythromycin and it is a state law in many states for newborns to receive it, so that probably wasn't even an option. The erythromycin ointment decreases the chance of blindness in newborns from bacterial infections transmitted from the mother.

    Vit K is one of the 1st shots that newborns get to prevent bleeding. http://newborns.stanford.edu/VitaminK.html
    Hep B is the third thing that is done routinely to newborns - which can also be declined.
    I know a number of families that will decline Vit K shots, but will give it orally (rutine in Europe) on the 1, 10, 30 day schedule as there is some data to suggest that newborns given the Vit K oral are less likely to get jaundice.

    BTW - All things can be declined - helping your pts understand why we doing things routinely helps them in the long run. I have no issues with people declining all three in a normal non-traumatic birthing situation, but i want them to understand what they are declining and not to feel bullied. Yes, all states pretty much say that all newborns should have these three things along with childhood vaccines but they cannot actually require that each and every child has them - every state has an out, it is usually not well advertised tho
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