C over c

  1. 0 I keep hearing docs refer to vaginal exams as c over c. What does this mean?
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    Do you mean SVE? (sterile vaginal exam). Or, there's an SSE (sterile speculum exam). Never heard of C over C before.
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    I've never heard of this before. Are you seeing C/C in writing? Sometimes you will see C/C/0, C/C/+1 etc and it means completely dilated/completely effaced/zero station (etc). I have never heard this terminology used in conversation though.
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    In a SVE...it makes sense as completly dilated/completely effaced/0 station...thanks!
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    Weird, I've never heard that before. Usually we just say "complete" or if you live on the East Coast, "fully"

    For effacement, we never write "C." Instead, we write C/100/whatever. Or "C/P" if she's pushing
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    Why don't you ask the doctor next time? Because now I'm curious!

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