Survey: Impact of Design of hospitals on nurses

  1. Hi,

    I'm currently writing my dissertation on the building performance evaluation of healthcare buildings in the NHS and would really appreciate if any nurses could please fill in my online survey, it shouldn't take too long (:



    I'd just like to add that this piece of work could really help in the framework of the design of future hospitals, and improvement of existing hospitals; particularly in regards with allowing nurses/staff to work more comfortably, optimising how well staff perform, as well as, minimising patient stress and therefore recovery times.

    Comments would be super useful, even though I know it takes a little bit more time than just the selecting options.
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  3. by   MaryAnn_RN
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    Thank you so much! (:
  5. by   skylark
    I did your survey because its a subject that irritates the heck out of me!

    There are so many new-builds that have clearly been built without ever consulting the staff who work there.
    I could even name an ER that was ALMOST built with a helipad on the roof, but only stairs to get there. No problem for the staff getting up there, but how on earth do we bring the patient down??!!

    It was only right at the final stage that some suit (aka project manager) decided to show us the plans, not for consultation but to show us what they were planning, We laughed so hard they had no choice but to scrap it : )

    Bring back the ol racetracks. 30 years ago they built sensible hospitals, now they build it any ol way so that it be can a conference center when the money runs out and the NHS sells it : )
  6. by   bobby123
    Done. Would love to find out what others think about the subject too.
  7. by   K+MgSO4
    done. Natural daylight is my biggest bug bear.

    I worked in a medical assessment unit that did not have windows. MAU = older people = dementia = sundowning. No windows makes that worse!
  8. by   LambyLou
    Thank you all for doing the survey, your comments here are also very much appreciated.

    It's an interesting area of work, having looked at what feeds into the design of hospitals. It is obviously an iterative process, as more is being learned of how designers, project managers can fit taking samples of the people who actually work in the buildings into getting the best value for money for the client (NHS) within the time frame they have got.

    It is only when the building has been built, that the current methods of evaluation (Post-Occupancy-Evalution; (1)Indicative, (2) Investigative & (3) Diagnostic) and performance measuring can feed into the next building cycle of (perhaps another) hospital.

    It is particularly interesting that it seems (from these comments) that you think hospital design is moving backwards!
  9. by   MaryAnn_RN
    Quote from skylark they build it any ol way so that it be can a conference center when the money runs out and the NHS sells it : )
    Rumour has it that the new build section of our hospital has been designed so that it could be turned into a shopping centre.

    I went over to the shiny new section and for once rumour might be right.