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LD Scottish Nursing student looking to move to Ireland

  1. 0 Hi everyone!

    I have already completed my Psychology (hons) degree at Strathclyde University and I'm now studying Learning Disability Nursing at Edinburgh Napier.

    I was looking to finish my first year in Scotland and then move to Ireland (most likely Dublin or near it) to finish my last 2 years and was wondering if I would continue to have my fees paid and/or a bursary? I've heard they give grants and pay fees etc but wasn't sure if that was just for people who had lived in Ireland a certain amount of time or not?

    Also wasn't sure if I would be eligible due to already having completed 4 years of education! Currently in Scotland because it's a nursing degree I have my fees paid and get a bursary however with other degrees I would have had to of paid for them.

    If anyone has any information to help me I would be very grateful!

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    Hi there, and welcome to AllNurses! You will probably want this moved to the International Nursing forum, as this one focuses on pre-nursing in the States primarily....and you have some pretty specific issues and I'd be willing to bet the International forum will have people who can help

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    Thanks very much for your reply! Posting it in the right place would help haha! How do I move to the International forum?? Is it a different website?

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    Moved to the UK forum
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    Not in the republic maybe northern ireland? One of the issues is all nursing is 4 years in Ireland........ talk to your uni and the unis that you are interested in moving to

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