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    I'm an Irish student nurse and as I'm sure those in the UK know that a lot of Irish student nurses are emigrating to the UK to work post qualifying here in Ireland. I'll have a degree in general nursing. However, I really really want to be a childrens nurse. I've tried googling how a RGN can become a RCN in the UK however I can't find anything! Is there anyway a newly qualified general nurse can work in a paediatric hospital and be trained on the job, if so what hospitals offer this? If not, is there any course I can do? If so how much does this cost? I'm young and I want to get as much done as I can while Im young! Please help!!!
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    There is an 18 month top up course you can do for Paeds but usually requires you to have employer and support of employer
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    im aware that there are courses like that in Ireland too however, I feel like I will probably have to emigrate. Canada isn't looking to great but I know the UK are definitely taking in new irish grads. Do you know what hospitals/colleges offer these courses?
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    Courses are run by universities but not sure who do them
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    I would suggest working ER for a while, you get to work with kids and its usually the most helpful dept for sponsoring ped courses for that reason.
    Most i worked in would offer 2 -3 RSCN places a year. yes i know that's old terminology but i guess the training is still there under a new name!

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