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How's nursing in the UK? - page 2

Hi! Just wondering how is nursing in the UK currently? I wanted to apply as an ICU nurse, and maybe someone can give first hand info anything about the healthcare facilities/ nursing programs/... Read More

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    BBC News - London NHS spends 13m on public relations

    There was also a feature on BBC news recently saying that the NHS is being forced to recruit overseas nurses, mainly from Portugal, as there is such a shortage of UK nurses.
    BBC News - West Suffolk Hospital recruits nurses in Portugal

    I find that very hard to believe. When i was in the UK a few months ago, there was a A&E band 5 being advertised in the hospital I worked agency, and they had over 80 applicants that met the criteria. Some were even experiences band 6 and 7s.
    I personally know of some very capable A&E nurses who are working in pubs and restaurants until they can find jobs again.

    So what on earth is going on when there are such huge discrepancies between what I see for myself and what the BBC says?