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First of all, I really hope Silverdragon reads this and gives me insight. I have sent out my application as well as all of my paperwork to the NMC for my nursing license, except my training form. I was trained in the US at... Read More

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    @ babyRN

    Thanks so much for the feedback!

    I received my training at a university here in the Philippines. I hope that my training would suffice as a lot of graduates from my school already are RNs at UK. So when I looked at the NMC site, I was suprised why our total clinical hours were shorter than that of UKs.

    So does this mean that NMC isn't necessarily legalistic with its requirements?

    Also, do you know what the required format is for professional references and can you tell me who I can use as one?

    thanks again and good luck to you as well.

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    Quote from plasmic
    @ babyRN

    So does this mean that NMC isn't necessarily legalistic with its requirements?
    From experience, the NMC will accept every application by merits. What I mean is that, application requirements may vary in different countries and states. For example, in Canada, requirements for nursing registration in BC can differ from those required by nursing Colleges (or registration bodies) in other jurisdictions such as Quebec, Ontario or Newfoundland.

    If in doubt, however, you could ask the NMC. Let us know through this forum how you are getting on with your application.

    be persevering!
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    Hello Helricha,

    I am also interested in pursuing a nursing career overseas once I'm qualified here in the US. I am currently looking at St Luke's Hospital Nursing Program, which is 5 14-week semesters over 20 months. I was wondering if you might take a look at their posted hours for me? I'm not sure if my own conversions using the formula you provided matches up to NMC approval.
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    Unfortunately, the NMC currently do not accept any degree other than the traditional BSN. Diplomas, associate degrees, and accelerated BSNs are not considered adequate.

    Trained outside Europe | Nursing and Midwifery Council (See the third paragraph under "Information for nurses")
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    Coffee--I thought it was okayish if you got your ADN and did an RN-BSN (not online) degree?

    p.s. how's it going?? I just signed up for my overseas nursing programme!! Is it a lot of work?
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    i thought i remembered it saying more explicitly in the pdf that only traditional bsns were accepted -- nevertheless, if you look at that page i linked to, it does say:

    "if you trained in the usa and have an associate in science degree in nursing (asdn) that was below three full time years in length, you will not meet our requirements for registration. we will consider your application if your programme was three full-time years or more, and if you undertook a bachelor of science degree in nursing (bsn)."

    i don't know if they'd allow you to add up the time spent in the adn and rn-bsn programs to meet the three-year minimum. either way, it's a moot point for the pp, who was asking about a diploma program.

    i start work a week from tomorrow! i'm both excited and nervous. the onp is a ton of work -- it took me about two weeks to complete the workbook -- but it's boring busywork, nothing that will tax your brain too much.
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    Coffee Nurse. We'll have to compare our ONPs. I start mine (Manchester met University) on Feb 20th for 10 days we'll be finishing about the same time!
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    Oh, no, sorry, I said I start work a week from tomorrow. Did the ONP back in November. No desire to retake it, thanks :-P
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    Congrats on your success babyrn

    I read the problems you encountered coming over to the UK to nurse and getting your PIN to practice as a RN. I am in the same process but from the UK to the USA. After a particularly grueling day with CGFNS I identify totally with the frustrations and difficulties of the immigration and licensing process. It was good to see that people do reach a successful conclusion to their immigration and licensing journeys.

    Enjoy the UK and the very best of luck!!
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    Cool, best of luck! Did you have to take any classes or anything? I just feel bad that you have to take the NCLEX, yuck! I think the US-->UK route got very lucky in all of that...

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