Study tips

  1. Watch YouTube videos: for visual learners
    Particularly "RegisteredNurseRN", if you needed to strengthen
    your content.
    While doing so, take notes! short ones.
    Also, its free.
    Purchase Uworld:
    for practice test. Read the rationale over and over until you
    understand what you are reading.
    Give yourself time to relax.
    Go outside get some sun and breathe.
    If you feel anxious, think to yourself "whats the point?"
    just focus on now, don't think too far ahead.
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  3. by   thehyruler
    I'm not a fan of RegisteredNurseRN but I know a lot of people do like her videos. Khan Academy has a huge online database for the NCLEX-RN that has videos, articles, and practice questions for anybody who wants an alternative.
  4. by   flowerpowerntx
    For surviving pathophysiology I recommend Dr. John Campbell's videos on youtube. Dr. John Campbell
    - YouTube