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Hello All! I have 3 quarters left to finish my prereqs. I still have to take A&P I & II, Microbiology and English100. So I'll be taking one science for each quarter and I need to decide which... Read More

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    Omg you are the second person on here that said that lol!
    Chemotherapuetics are chemicals like antibiotics that kill pathagens. We need to know the name of it i.e. penicillin, what does it inhibit, like cell wall synthesis what it attacks on the bacteria, ie. Beta lactam ring, what that beta lactam ring does, (it helps cross link bridge the NAM-NAG) what type of bacteria it destroys like gram positive, and a generic name for that drug.
    It's pretty overwhelming. We need to know a few in each category like injures plasma membrane, or inhibits nuclei acid synthesis.
    Also we need to know antivirals, antifungals, antihelminthes and antiprotozoan
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    I too excelled in the sciences....but I do find memorizing tedious. As an overall question, I just felt AP I AP II were easier. Did find the lab a BLAST ...and am still a little fascinated / freaked out, by some of the things we covered
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    I loved A&p 1&2 ..micro def harder in my opinion, but flash cards seemed to work well for me1 Best of luck!


    Did you only use flashcards for Micro learning?

    Thanks !
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    lol Subjective experience....I found A&P easier because I had the exposure in High school and because she took everything straight from her own self-made book.
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    I really enjoyed the microbiology, but my interests lie in chemistry and applied science. I found A&P I a completely tedious bore. My school split the A and the P parts, and the I class was just a lot of rote memorization and drill. The physiology was more interesting, because there was more "action" in it, like how the body's systems work. Still, micro was far more interesting and thus easier and more fun to do. I enjoy research, and patho, though.

    Also, there are different levels of difficulty, regarding those micro classes. Some colleges have everything but the kitchen sink in theirs, because the same class is used for pre-med, etc., and it's very demanding. Some schools make you do a lot of patho work, and extra work outside of class, and some don't. You might want to shop around and see is the actual content your school and at nearby colleges, too, especially if you are just racking up prerequisites and they can be from any school.