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    I am currently in an RN to BSN Program. This semester we are required to complete clinical time as a community nurse. I am following the VNA for the semester. In the class we are required to do a project on identifying a specific need in the community. So, something added that could benefit a VNA nurse when providing care, or a program or service that could benefit VNA patients. I have asked the nurses I am shadowing and even they can't think of any ideas. I suppose this is a good thing because their company is providing what patients need. But have any of you ever been/or are a VNA nurse and ever thought "oh if only we had this for the patient" or "if only we had this to help me care for this patient better"?? Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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    Do they supply transportation for the patients? If in a winter environment a way to clear sidewalks driveways? Delivery of medicines?
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    Meals on Wheels? Donation of personal I've-fallen-and-I-can't-get-up alert bracelets? Call-in program so someone calls them every morning, or they have to call in every morning-- no answer/no call, somebody goes out to see them?