ventilator setting

  1. :uhoh21: I would like some help with vent settings, including vent types, peep,pip, etc.
    Also, I would like information on ABG's and what they mean.
    can somebody help me??????????
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  3. by   MissJoRN
    Did you see the post in the CCU section? Great explanation by PapawJohn!! Also a link to everyones' favorite vent and ABG site. The one I went to when I needed a refresher on vents and the goog old oxyhgb dis curve!

    Do you have a more specific question we can help you with?

    almost forgot-
  4. by   MamaTheNurse
    there is also a pretty good article in this month's "RN" mag if you have access to that at all.........
  5. by   willdgate
    I wanted to know indivisual value ranges for peep, fio2, ps, tv, etc.

    I can't find them
  6. by   FarainFlorida
    There are many variables associated with vent settings. How long have they been vent assisted, what is their neuro status, their body size, age, underlying diagnosis....These settings are always determined by the MD and managed many times by the RT. Sorry not much help. Vent alarms are probably more important to know....
  7. by   suzanne4
    Tidal volume is based on the size of the patient and is usually about 10 ml/kg, then can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient.

    Peep is not always added to vent settings, when it is, it is usually set at about 5 to begin with.

    FIO2 is the amount of oxygen that the patient will be receiving...........average is about 40%, usually will start at 100% and will work down as tolerated.

    PS is pressure supposrt and is a type of mode on the ventilator, just as AC or SIMV, etc.

    Hope that this helps. But specifics are going to depend on the patient's size, as well as illness, so there are no actual ranges.
  8. by   MissJoRN
    I was going to answer with some of the info you got but would like to add that when I was studying for my vent cert I found this site helpful-

    What are all those buttons?
    Conventional Ventilator Settings

    It's a site mainteded by a hospital for it's PICU staff and gives some general info about types of venting common ranges and has a chart for some common ranges based on age-stage- you can skip right to adult- all of the info is also relavent to adults. (like suzanne said, many variables so you will see settings "off the chart" for some "difficult to manage" patients)
    I love the little chart that reminds you which setting will bring up O2 vs bring down CO2
    Just keep in mind that since it is a department site is has some specifics on vent models- I just skipped through those parts.
    Hope this helps!
  9. by   willdgate
    [FONT="Arial Black"]Thank you