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  1. 0 Hi i need urgent help to find the pathophysiological reasons for anxiety, activty intolerance and pain. please please please help
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    I don't know if you are new to this site but it really is bad form to post a homework assignment having not shown any effort to answer it yourself. What is good form is to make a real effort to do it yourself. Post what you got and ask someone to review it.

    Sorry if this is snippy but it really rubs my rhubarb when people work so hard to finish assignments and others post case studies, say they don't get it...and get them answered on allnurses. It is no better than copying someone else's work.
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    Struggle- Your nursing Dx carelpan book should have the definitions and causes, if not ask your instructor where to get the information, or even a classmate (that's what I did). Hope that helps.
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    I have never in my life heard the phrase "rub my rhubarb" before, but I may have to add that to my collection!!