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Does anyone have any tricks or tips for getting plastic/shrink wrap off items while gloved? Thanks!... Read More

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    Per our ID, if a person is on contact precautions, then every thing in the room is on contact precautions. They touch things in the room, go to the bathroom, etc.
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    Quote from SonorityGenius
    Use brute force when necessary to rip it out.
    This is my method! And hope that said packaged object doesn't go flying across the room.
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    "ppe for expanded precautions
    • expanded precautions include:
    – contact precautions
    – droplet precautions
    – airborne infection isolation
    in some instances, healthcare personnel are required to wear ppe in addition to that recommended for standard precautions. the three expanded precaution categories (formerly called transmission-based precautions) where this applies are contact and droplet precautions and airborne infection isolation.
    use of ppe for expanded precautions
    • contact precautions – gown and gloves for contact with patient or environment of care (e.g., medical equipment, environmental surfaces)
    • in some instances these are required for entering patient’s environment
    • droplet precautions – surgical masks within 3 feet of patient
    • airborne infection isolation – particulate respirator*
    *negative pressure isolation room also required
    contact precautions requires gloves and gown for contact with the patient and/or the environment of care; in some instances, use of this ppe is recommended for even entering the patient’s environment. droplet precautions requires the use of a surgical mask, and airborne infection isolation requires that only a respirator be worn.
    source: cdc. guidance for the selection and use of personal protective equipment (ppe) in healthcare settings"

    i stand corrected. ::[color=#ee82ee]blushing::
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    I use the smooth edge of a surface, like a counter or a bedside table. Using a bit of pressure, run the long edge of the packaging down the edge of a surface. It will usually tear clean off. I do this at home when I am unwrapping CDs or DVDs.
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    Quote from jt43
    I thought it was kinda rediculous that I could take food/drink out of the galley with my bare hands but had to gown/glove before stepping in the room to put it on the patient's tray.
    I know what you mean. At one of my hospitals that I had a clinical rotation, a patient on contact precautions required PPE upon entering the room regardless of contact. It was so silly. If you wanted to ask them if they wanted a medication, you had to gown and glove just to go in and ask because saying it from the door was a HIPAA violation. We had to gown and glove just to drop off a cup of water into the room. It was such a waste of resources!
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