therapeutic communication in mental health

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    Does anyone have decent websites or ideas with therapeutic communication in mental health? I have trouble with this and am trying to get all the information I can. Are there any examples of therapeutic communication that I could look up or read? Does anyone have to do process recordings? I have to do one in mental health and I only did one so far in school and it was in my 1st semester and I am in my 3rd semester.

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  3. by   Daytonite
    i have several links for therapeutic communications. they are not specific to mental health. the same rules apply to all patients. just be aware that if you are working with psychiatric patients that with their psychosis they may be exhibiting symptoms in their speech (i had a patient that used word salad) and use nursing interventions for those accordingly. we had to do process recording (with references) in my bsn program for every single clinical class as well as our senior seminar. they can be challenging! however, i really didn't appreciate the worth of doing them until long after i was out of school. have fun!
  4. by   NaomieRN
    I had to do process recording this semester. I am also in my third semester of nursing school. I used the chapter on therapeutic communication from Towsend and it had examples. Did you check your psychiatric book?