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    So I have to do a presentation on how to teach a patient the side effects of Vicodin. Any advice as what to use for visual aids, activities, etc. so they can get involved?

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  3. by   vgut

    I need to come up with some interventions for my teaching project that I need to be able to present in front of the class. my teaching plan is pain management - vicodin side effects

    here's my nursing diagnosis:

    Deficient Knowledge (vicodin action and side effects) r/t lack of exposure to newly prescribed medication aeb inability to verbalize information about medication

    Anything will help thanks!
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  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    That doesn't make sense. Do you need to come up with a nursing teaching plan to educate a patient about Vicodin it's proper use and potential interactions and side effects ?
  5. by   vgut
    yes, sorry about the confusion.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Did you try googling patient education for Vicodin use? Did you try your nursing drug handbook? Most have nursing interventions and patient teaching points.

    I'm on my phone so it's hard to post links.

    I had a few nursing drug books (Davis, Lippincott, NDR (nursing drug reference) and each had a section for nursing care & patient education for each drug monograph. You can also try and find one of the manufacturer's website. Most have links to the prescription package insert and include a patient education section. You can also ask your local pharmacist for a copy of the patient education print out and the package insert for the commonly dispensed version of Vicodin. If you explain why you need it most pharmacists are happy to help.
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    A "teaching" care plan simply one where each intervention is focused on patient teaching. From our Daytonite....
    A written teaching plan goes something like this:

    1. overview: a synopsis about what is going to be taught in the course
    2. goal(s): the aim(s) or outcome(s) that you want your learner to achieve as a result of the lesson you plan
    3. objectives: the more specific information that the learner will come away from the course knowing that will achieve the goal(s) you have determined.
    4. content: a play-by-play of the specific content that is going to be taught and in the sequence it will happen. your content should address and cover all the objectives. this part of the written lesson plan is presented in an outline format.
    5. procedures and materials: how all the above will be achieved, i.e. lecture, demonstration, discussion, etc. materials that can be used and resources that can be needed for the lesson to be successful and essential to teaching your lesson plan are listed and may include demonstrations, audio-visuals, handouts, experiments, stories, game playing and any number of other creative items.
    6. evaluation: determining if you met the goals of the teaching plan. this can be done through a return demonstration, short post test, short question and return answer session with the client to verify they understand the information correctly or a task the participant needs to perform.
    If you look at it, it has some of the elements of a care plan (goals, interventions, execution and evaluation). what is different is that you actually lay out how a list of how you are going to do the teaching, kind of like a nursing procedure is laid out step-by-step for you.

    What is great today about patient teaching is that there is so much consumer teaching on the internet. You should be able to find just about anything you want to teach to a patient on the internet that you can download and use as a handout for your project.
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    Your defining characteristic (aeb) doesn't appear in the NANDA-I, but otherwise I'm not sure what it is you want to know. Why not do some more digging per the suggestions above and then come back letting us know what you found out so we can help you prn?