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For my ethics class we have to write a synthesis paper on an ethical issue in nursing. I chose to write about whether or not nurses should act outside of their scope of practice during emergencies. ... Read More

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    Quote from hodgieRN
    I don't know all the rules of the law, but I'm skeptical if the law applies within the hospital setting. I would think the law of the land within the hospital is the policies and procedures for the facility. Helping on the side of the road or in a restaurant is one thing, but intubating a pt or doing the needle decompression in the hospital setting...I don't think the law would really hold.(again, I could be totally wrong..I'm just speculating). Everyday, I would hear medics in the ER complain that they can't do certain things in the department that they do on the street every shift. Even if it was an emergency and there wasn't a doc around, they could intubate but they would get in trouble for it unless someone let it slide. With other docs in the hospital, anesthesia, the code team, rapids responses... a nurse who is practicing out-of-scope would probably get fired b/c the hospital isn't going to risk the liability. Plus, I don't think a nurse could claim they were being a good samaritan and not get fired if the hospital wanted to. If that was the case, then any nurse could practice out-of-scope and just claim they were being a good samaritan. And it's not a question of what's the right thing to do for a pt in an emergency, but strictly from a legal point of view. We can defib a pt and give ACLS meds during a code, but that's an approved policy. Anything out of scope or unapproved, the law wouldn't apply in the hospital and you are history. Am I wrong?

    No, you are completely correct. Part of your responsibility as a professional is knowing your available resources. At the roadside = not so many. In a hospital = lots and lots.

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    Quote from GrnTea
    I took ACLS donkey's years ago and was sort of an idiot savant for intubation. I got to practice on live people in the OR c an anesthesiologist. So yes, if the opportunity presented itself I could do it, and would. See "Good Samaritan Laws," seriously.
    hahaha This comment totally made my night!

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