Share Ways how to find a nurse to interview

  1. Interview requests seem to appear constantly here in spite of many words of wisdom steering them away from anonymous forum to get their assignment done. I thought I'd start this thread to provide examples of how other students found interviewees for such assignments.

    I interviewed a faculty member at my school. Can be seen as kind of a short cut, but she was someone I respected tremendously and wanted to know more about her career path rather than other nurses with careers that I wasn't really interested in at the time. She graciously accepted my request knowing it was for an assignment and I got a lot out of the experience because she opened my eyes to the vast possibilities nursing career can reach.

    Others in my class sent emails to prominent figures in major hospitals and secured interviews that way. In spite of their busy schedule, many nurses welcome students' interview requests. You must write well and show eagerness and clear purpose, of course.

    And so, no, you don't have to have a family member or friend in nursing in order to find someone to interview.

    Other nurses and students, how did you find a nurse to interview?
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    I think changing this to "Share Ways to find a nurse to interview." other wise it looks like you are looking for a nurse to interview.

    Excellent can call your local school district for the school nurse. Go to your doctor. Call and leave a message for the nurse manager at your local hospital for an interview. Go sit by the employee entrance, with your school ID, and ask for interviews from the nurses. Your local board of health of elder services. Your children's PCP

    Are a few I can think of....
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    A couple of our close family friends (some of my mom's best friends) are nurses, so I was lucky. Example - some of these assignments for me were in classes that my school offered during junior or senior year. So I contacted old clinical instructors (sometimes, okay, usually, they know people who know people ). My senior practicum/preceptorship was in surgical services so it was easy to find people to interview in that specialty. I also had a job as an assistant in a major hospital and was a float, so I could ask people I knew on various units.

    Aside from asking around to friends and clinical instructors - maybe look around at church? Emailing hospitals might work out okay too. I think it depends on the hospital. Another option might be, maybe ask faculty if they keep in contact with any of their recent grads ex 2-5 years prior, and seeing if any of those people would be willing to participate? Of my graduating class, there are so many different specialties (NICU, PICU, peds ED, adult ED, surg/trauma/neuro ICU, cardiovascular ICU, medical ICU, physician practice, cardiac units, gen med surg, neuro med surg, renal, GI, GU - both peds and adults, OR) that we have went into. Sure, we're a little new to nursing still, but it might be worth trying to see if some recent grads would agree (depending on the assignment of course).
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