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Greetings. Attached are 12 Word documents which I made when I took pharmacology. All the information was based on the ATI study guide since that constituted the final exam in our class. They are formatted as 3x5 cards and... Read More

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    I just wanted to express my true gratitude for this information. Wow, I had a severe wreck a couple years ago and I was wondering how I would type up all this info (my typing is not the fastest!). And I have been having a hard time accessing ATI study material- I'm just saying thank you so much, this really, really helps!!

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    You're welcome.

    I'm glad that my work continues to provide benefit long after I've been done with the material.
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    Thank you so much! God Bless You!! =)
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    You're welcome.

    I'm glad that my work continues to provide benefit long after I've been done with the material.
    I reference you hard work ALL the time!
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    hi ♪♫ in my ♥

    thank you very much for your tremendous help. i am starting my pharm this summer. this so amazing .. now i have some idea how to go about studying pharm. thanks to you.
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    Thank you ♪♫ in my ♥! I am enrolled in an ADN program that is based on concept teaching. We don't have pharm offered separately and I feel as though I am missing out. I will be using your cards over the summer, along with some textbooks, to teach myself They will help tremendously in my second half of the program. You have saved me so much time and money by sharing these!
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    I'm going into my last semester of nursing school! yay! and I just wanted to have some note cards for review on the floor and what not, these are perfect! Well done!
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    Thank you. I have my first pharmacology exam coming up and I'm extremely nervous about remembering all the information.
    I'm sincerely thankful to you for sharing and helping first years like myself.
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    I will be starting nursing school next year @ age 27. I'm very nervous about returning to university, much less studying science, so I've started reading/studying a few books/guides this month. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this! I really appreciate it! ^_^
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    is there any way you can email these items to me? computer not wanting to open them!

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