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Greetings. Attached are 12 Word documents which I made when I took pharmacology. All the information was based on the ATI study guide since that constituted the final exam in our class. They are formatted as 3x5 cards and... Read More

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    Thank you so very much for these!! I'm about to start my pharm class in a few weeks and I'm sure these flash cards will come in handy!

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    I love you.
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    Thank you so much for sharing your work with us! I just printed most of them out and will be reviewing before school starts. gosh, seriously this saved me hours of work! so nice of you!!!!
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    I'm taking Pharm this Fall !! Thank you SO very much for sharing all of your hard work with the rest of us. It was incredibly generous of you. I just love this site. Everyone is so supportive of one another
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    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for posting these! I am just about to be in my third week of nursing school and am feeling so overwhelmed and this forum seems to be a godsend!
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    OMG thank you soo much!!!
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    Thank you sooo very much!! I will be taking my ATI next week. Wish me luck.
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    Thank you for sharing!!
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    I'm assuming these will work for LPN classes too? I plan on going RN just didn't know what to expect from LPN pharmacology, either way I'm so excited that these are here because I was wanting to get started before class starts on the 26th So cool!

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