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    does anyone know of any online study guides or lecture notes for pathophysiology. thank you for your help.

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    I don't {but} "Google Search" does.
    Learning how to use the Advanced search in Google has made school research so much easier. Hope you find what you are looking for.
    Go to Google. Click on the tiny words "Advanced Search"

    In the 1st textbox for all these words type in "Pathophysiology"
    In the textboxes for one or more of these words type in
    "Pathophysiology" OR "study guide" OR "notes"
    For Language choose the language you want
    For the textbox search within a site or domain type in ".edu"
    Click on Advanced Search Bar and check out those websites.
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    What specific pathophysiology are you looking for?
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    cirrhosis of the liver, fluid and electrolytes
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    Is the pathophysiology not in your textbook?

    Google is your friend.

    I googled "pathophysiology cirrhosis" and got this:

    Merck manual also has electrolyte imbalances.
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    If your textbook does not have what you are looking for then you can do an advanced search in Google for the specific info you need from other nursing textbooks. I love the ease of searching with the advanced search.
    --Near the top of the page in google click the tiny down arrow and select "books".
    --Click Advanced Search
    --In the 1st textbox type in - Pathophysiology cirrhosis fluid electrolyte
    --For "Search" click on - Limited preview and full view
    --For "Content" click - Books
    --For "Language" choose a language
    --For "Subject" type in - nursing
    Back to the top of the page and click Google Search.
    This will bring you to nursing books with info on pathophysiology of cirrhosis and fluid and electrolytes.

    Using this method to search reduces the time it takes to find the exact info you are looking for. Before I learned how to do this type of search I spent too much time trying to find info with a genral Google search.
    Best of Luck.
    Hope this helps
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    see post #52 on this sticky thread: pathophysiology/ a & p/ microbiology/ fluid & electrolyte resources. you will also find fluid and electrolyte resources on some of the posts on this thread.

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