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Nursing Diagnosis

  1. 0 I really need help with a nursing diagnosis. I am writing diagnosis for the movie Losing Isaiah if anyone is familiar with the movie. I wanted to write a diagnoses about drug use while breast feeding. It seemed to easy to come up with, but then I started over thinking, is it:

    Knowledge deficit r/t breastfeeding AEB drug use during breastfeeding
    Knowledge deficit r/t drug abuse AEB use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding
    (and it I write it this way is it r/t drug use or risks of drug use???)

    LOL! I am so confused, and I'm making it harder than what it is, but please help???

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    The correct way to write a knowledge deficit diagnosis is

    Knowledge deficit + what the deficit is r/t (whatever it's related to) AEB whatever evidence there is.

    For example in your case it would be Knowledge deficit breastfeeding r/t lack of exposure to teaching AEB drug use while breastfeeding infant.
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    This movie gives some good psych social dx. examples. I always liked to think out of the norms with stuff like this. Unless it specifically said you have to have this or that.
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    ineffective coping r/t (laymans explanation) aeb (objective, factual info)

    if I recall the movie correctly:

    altered family process?
    knowlege deficit ?

    good luck
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    read defining characteristics and consider:

    impaired parenting
    parental role conflict
    ineffective role performance
    risk for disturbed maternal/fetal dyad
    ineffective health maintenance
    ineffective family therapeutic regimen maintenance
    ineffective infant feeding pattern
    deficient knowledge
    chronic low self-esteem
    caregiver role strain
    social isolation

    (for the baby) ineffective airway/gas exchange
    risk for injury
    risk for poisoning
    risk for impaired airway clearance
    risk for aspiration