Nursing Care Plan templates?

  1. Hello... I am new here. I have been searching for user friendly nursing care plan templates? Is there such a thing for nursing students? My clinical instructor told our group of the TNA website (not a nurse yet, so the Resource Center of TNA isn't accessable to me). She told us that this site had a great care plan template among other things. The templates that we bought from our school are NOT user friendly at all. It would be much easier to just hand write them on a blank form (that should tell you how difficult this thing is to use!). The problem with that is that we were told that usually students receive better grades when they are typed rather than hand written. I want to get the best grade I possibly can (who doesn' Is there a place that can help me? ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Sandy in Texas
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  3. by   Aniroc
    I'm a first year student, and I too had difficulty finding a good template... so I ended up making my own on an Excel spread sheet.

    You template will depend on what your instructors want inyour care plan.

    Mine includes the following.

    Risk/Actual problem, Expected findings for problem, Descriptive interventions, Rational (behind interventions), and related nursing concepts.

    For my template, I have it set up on "landscape". I can usually get about 4 different problems on one sheet with all the associated info. I "wrap" the text so all the information fits into one cell.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   debblynn13
    Here is a careplan constructor that I have taken information from. I have never actually printed off a completed careplan but it looks pretty simple and easy to adapt to what you want.

    Good luck
  5. by   Goldenhare
    Hey Sandy
    I'm a student here in Virginia. Last year one of our group typed up a template for us to use. I have it on a disk and it is very useful, I think. The main template is very basic. However, you can delete and add wording to it and move the borders. It is very easy to use and it prints well. If you like, I will send it to you via email. Send me your address if you want it. The disk also has a very good assessment worksheet also.
    Put something in the subject line so I know it is you.

    Good luck! Audrey
  6. by   Fun2, RN, BSN has some. I noticed a regular one, and a psych care plan.

    Hope this helps....these are WORD templates.
    Quote from Fun2Care has some. I noticed a regular one, and a psych care plan.

    Hope this helps....these are WORD templates.
    This is quite a thorough listing. Faculty has their act in gear at this school.
  8. by   DixieBelle7
    I cannot tell y'all how much I appreciate the help. Y'all have helped me greatly and I appreciate beyond words. I am just in my second semester here at TVCC and won't be graduating until May 2006, so I know I will get lots of help from this. (I may have a little over a year to go, but all I have to say is.... I AM STILL STANDING!!! We started out with 125 the first semester and only had 80 when we started this semester.) I am so GRATEFUL to have found this site! Everyone is so helpful. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I hope that I will be able to help others as much as y'all have helped me. (I will certainly be sharing your information with my friends that are in the same boat as

    Thank you again to everyone.


    Sandy in east Texas
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    Subbing to this thread as I am sure it will be useful when I start clinicals in the fall Thanks!