NURSES! Anyone know the insulin type 1 diabetes medications, by heart?

  1. 0 HI everyone,
    I am trying to google but having trouble. Anyone know the complete insulin type 1 medications by heart? such as the short acting, long acting.... etc.. humalog... etc?? I really want to know all of the short acting, intermediate and long acting insulin medication names and their peak and duration. I want to know when I can give it, for example, short acting for 15-30 minutes peak of time,... therefore I have to give the meal 15-30 minutes after I give the insulin. Please help! Thank you! :redpinkhe
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    Just look them up in what ever you use as a drug guide and make your own cheat sheet. Most nursing edu books have an outline, just look it up too.
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    a much more complete list.....
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    davis drug guide.
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    That second list is awesome, just what I was looking for. (I realize this is 3 years old, but thank you!!)

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