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No insurance diagnosis

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    I have a pt who waited 2 days to go to the hospital because he has no insurance. Is there a nursing diagnosis for a pt with no health insurance?
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    Just off the top of my head...

    Ineffective Therapeutic Regimen
    Noncompliance r/t lack of financial support secondary to no medical insurance AEB delay in seeking treatment
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    I actually would not use word like noncompliance in this case. Also, as there is no regimen actually in place to manage prior to seeking health care it doesn't quite fit.

    I like:
    Ineffective health maintenance r/t impairment of personal support systems AEB insufficient resources (financial).

    It sounds a bit less like a comment on the person's motives. But Vicky teaches this stuff.
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    Well, whatever it is, I am guilty of it. When I did not have insurance I avoided medical care until it was almost too late. I needed surgery and knew it and did not have the money to pay out of pocket. I suspect there are a lot more people like me.
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    I did too. It resulted in a crippling bill of over 350K. Had I insurance I could and would have gone in days before. I might still have needed hospital for IV ABX but not a month in ICU.

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    We've learned to use "non-adherance" rather than "non-compliance" since it's supposed to sound less punitive or some such!
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    Thanks for your help! It seems the more I think about these nursing diagnoses more they don't make sense. I tend to overanalyze every diagnosis till it no longer fits!