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Hello! I currently am in microbiology and I am just stumped on a diagnosis, and I have spent hours upon hours trying to make some points match to come up with the diagnosis and I am just coming up blank. So, I was hoping... Read More

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    I had a patient with Tetnas once.....funny enough the American trained MD's were baffled.....a doctor from India walking through the ICU made comment the the patient was opisthotonic....this patient was doing this bizarre arch posturing thing......I was like "What did you say?" he went on to explain about Tetnas and how much he sees it in India....unfortunately it was fatal for this patient. I will never for get it.
    A bit OT, but on my first ever hospital placement as a student, I also cared for a patient with tetanus. He spent a week in ICU and was then transferred to the ward. Initially he was bedridden, catheterised, NG tube fed etc. They expected to treat him for a few weeks then transfer him to a rehab facility. However, less than 3 weeks later, he walked out of the hospital and went home. It was pretty amazing. I always tell people not to forget their tetanus boosters though!
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    Tetanus can give you stridor too.

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    Tetnas isn't viral....but that is my second differential
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    Everything described depicts the clinical progression of rabies, so I would feel
    comfortable with that at the tip of the differential.

    Late rabies is characterized by episodic laryngeal and diaphragmatic spams secondary to hypersensitivity in the bronchioles.
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    Well, thank god I haven't seen much rabies in my practice.

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