Need clinical research topic!!

  1. Hi all, I need help in picking a topic for my Nursing Research Synthesis Paper. It has to be a clinical topic and i have to find 2 research articles similar to the topic. It also has to be using evidence-based practice. I am having difficulties in finding a topic that is both interesting and easy for me to understand. I've seen a lot that is far too complicated for me to comprehend. The topics that my friends have used are: does cranberry juice help prevent UTI, does smoking help decrease the psychosis in Schizophrenia patients, and the use of bar coding in medication prescriptions to prevent med errors. so if anyone has any good ideas, i would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   Whispera
    It's difficult to pick a topic for someone else. How about you list your top 5 most interesting things about clinical nursing and then see which one(s) you can find understandable research articles on?
  4. by   travel50
    You are going to think I am crazy, but here goes. Does the color of one's skin effect their body temperature? I would never have thought of that, but the daughter of one of my nurses just did a science project (and won) on whether or not the color of a horse effected its body temperature. (It does). She had access to lots of horses, and checked temps of diferent colored horses as they stood in the sun, the cold, in between, etc. The dark horses were always warmer.

    I have been studying something in my nursing home, and there are several articles on this subject. Does one on one interaction (and in what amount) improve the rehabilitation in brain injured patients?

    If you are interested in homeopathic type medicine....Is medicinal charcoal effective in wound healing? (By the way, it is. I use it. I have healed brown recluse spider bites with it).

    Here is another one from the nursing home...Does the inability to go outside accentuate behavior problems in the psychiatric patient? (I say it does. Most psych residents are kept in locked units with no way to go outside).

    I also would like to know what the divorce rate is for health care professionals. I have read studies that say doctors are x% more likely to get divorced than the average person. So what about nurse practitioners, or ER nurses, or a director of nursing?

    What percentage of nursing students experience panic attacks, as opposed to students in other areas?

    Are men who had a vasectomy more likely to experience erectile dysfunction? (I think this would be tough to do, though. But I have wondered).

    I think that hydrocodone actually increases pain in the long run, but I have no idea how to figure it out.

    Those are a few ideas. You'll probably get alot more, and ones more interesting. Good luck!
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    I just finished nursing research and my advice . .. keep it simple.

  6. by   Fofana
    am also in that process of picking a topic for my Nursing research, I need help