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Need an ARTICLE! Can anyone help?

  1. 0 I have to right a paper for Legal about H.R. 111 Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act and have to include an article. I have been looking for 3 weeks and can not find one that doesn't cost a fortune! Does anyone have any advice about finding an article related to minimum hospital stay or 2nd opinion visits for mastectomy patients?

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    Yep. Go to your college library and ask the librarian to show you how to get articles for free from the indexing services your college contracts with. As an alternative, your community public library has the same services or can get things from interlibrary loan. You could also try your local Planned Parenthood, oncology nursing association, or oncologist's office. Each of these constituencies would have resources to share.

    Believe it or not, the internet is not the ne plus ultra of research resources.
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    Thank you! I will try the public library! I also haven't tried a planned parenthood, never would have thought of that. Thank you!
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    Does your school not have access to research databases??
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    That is what I was going to ask...many school pay for this access.

    Does this help..