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  1. 0 I have an assignment to do an interview w someone who is 75 years or older. It consists of a bunch of reflection questions. Trouble is that I dont know anyone over 75 that fits the criteria ("living well" ie healthy). Is anyone out there willing to take a look at the questions and consider answering them? You can decline any that you are not comfortable answering! Total anonymity of course!
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    I'd consider calling your local assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Even those in nursing homes can be "living well" for someone over 75.

    The older adults usually love to reflect on their life and share their stories. It's so much nicer if you can talk to them in person. You can ask questions and get more information if they do not go into enough detail or something doesn't make sense.

    A lot of people in nursing homes don't often get visitors, but love to have someone to speak to. This might be a great opportunity for you to make a difference for a person while completing your assignment.

    Also, the Retired/Inactive Nurses might be a better place to look then here in the student section. I'm sure there are a few users on AN who are over 75, but not too many.
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    You don't know anyone over75? No relatives, neighbors, relatives of friends, church members? You could just go to your nearest Retirement Home and speak to someone there.Much better than a faceless person on the Internet. I could,pretend to be over 75 and answer all your questions!
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    some ideas for you here.
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