How would I carry out these Physician Orders in a SIM Lab?

  1. Hi! So in a little bit, I have to do this Simulation Lab, where I basically perform a focused assessment on the patient (which is a mannequin) and administer meds to it.

    I have a simulation Physician's Orders which I'm supposed to follow, but sadly I'm not too sure how to follow it all.
    Could y'all tell me if I'm on the right track?

    The Physician's Orders reads...

    "Admit to floor: Dx: ORIF (L) Hip 1 day ago
    Secondary Dx: Systolic HTN; COPD; Anemia; GERD; OA; Cardiac Dysrhythmia; HemiArthroplasty Left Hip (2006)
    Diet: Regular as tolerated. Ensure Supplements BID
    Vital Signs every 8 hours
    RT Nebulizer treatments QID with Atrovent 0.5 mg
    NWB lower left extremity
    SCDs with knee high TEDs
    OOB with close supervision/assist
    PT/OT: Eval and Treat"

    And right underneath it lists all the meds

    So basically, here's my game plan thus far...

    1) I was gonna wash my hands
    2) I was gonna go in and say, "Hi, Mrs. Johns! My name's Samian and I'm gonna be your nurse today!"
    3) I'm going to grab their wrist band and ask them to say their name and then their date of birth to verify
    4) I'm going to ask them about their allergies
    5) I'd ask them if they'd slept well and how they'd rate their pain level at the moment
    6) I'd find out if they were oriented to time, location and situation by asking them
    7) I'd take their Vital Signs
    8) I'd do the focused physical assessment (i.e., PERRLA, then lung sounds, then heart sounds, then bowel sounds, then radial pulses, then pedal pulses)
    9) I'd administer meds

    What am I supposed to do about the "SCDs with knee high TEDs"?
    Should I just take the TEDs off for an hour on the mannequin, since I'm supposed to have them off for an hour?
    What else am I supposed to do?
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    i suggest you look up the difference between ted hose and scds, for starters, and read how they are used. it would also be smart to check out what all the meds are, what their indications, desired effects, side effects, and so forth are before you give them (or decide to hold them), and then observe for effects afterwards.

    i have to ask you-- did this course give you a textbook on basic nursing skills? did you read and study it?
  4. by   jesskidding
    Just sayin', but I've never seen SCD's and TED hose used at the same time?

    Is this normal practice?
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    the op has left the building...
  6. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from jesskidding
    Just sayin', but I've never seen SCD's and TED hose used at the same time?

    Is this normal practice?
    On my floor it seems to be a standard...generally on for 8 hours, off for 30 minutes and then repeat.