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How floor you read the millions of chapters assigned to you in a short time? Do you read words for word? Just skim? I read every word page to page for hours on hours..but still miss questions on the quizes. It is extremely... Read More

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    Most of the time the pathophysiology is REALLY LONG and elaborate, so what I did was read the patho quickly for the basic disease process, and made sure I was able to teach it back to a patient so to speak, and then I studied the nursing interventions, responsibilities and complications THOROUGHLY as this info is the most pertinent to nursing care, and patho is more pertinent to patient teaching.

    I also used YouTube A LOT for the patho side vs reading 10 pages of very dry content- YouTube videos explain patho in a way I could always remember, the best were videos made by student nurses.

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    I think it really depends on your instructor. Try to find students who have taken that instructor before and see what she focuses on. Some instructors you can get by with never reading the book and just reviewing lecture notes, powerpoints, and other handouts. Others you really need to read the book. I usually do the assigned reading word for word before the lecture so that the points of the lecture stand out and then just skim the text and concentrate on my notes and handouts when I study for my tests. It works well for me, anyway.

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