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how much o2 can a nurse legally administer

  1. 0 Hey guys

    Was just wondering if anyone knew how much o2 (oxygen) a RN can legally administer to a patient without a doctors order. I may be wrong but i think its 2 litres. Can anyone confirm this?

    Thanks everyone
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    Oxygen is a drug. You need an order for any amount of O2. However, if a patient is in distress, you may not have time to wait. But, in the end there will still be an order. Some places may already have standing orders in place to address this.
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    Ditto the above. Normally a standing order to get you by until the doctor gives more specific orders.
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    Everywhere I've ever worked, RNs could administer O2 up to 2 lpm prn on a temporary basis (until the physician gave further orders).
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    None without an order. Check your organization for standing orders.