How is fatigues related to anemia? briefly explain the psychological & spiritual effe - page 2

-->EFFECTS OF FATIGUE......please help me...your reply is highly apreciated..... Read More

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    Then clearly we need to direct all incoming math questions to the calculations book. Even if the OP got the answer she needed, why is it a problem to all of you that I gave it to her, when it doesn't bother me? You should have just left my post alone instead of pointing out what I did wrong. If you think the OP should be looking up the answer his or herself, then tell them that.

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    I honestly don't think FLMOM meant it as an attack at all (look at her wording, she called you sweet) -- and certainly non one else did. Sounded much more like friendly advice about people posting homework questions. When the others "quoted" FLMOM's post they were agreeing with her sentiments regarding the OP not you helping them.

    No one minds anyone helping but it can be quite cheeky when people post questions on which they have not made any attempt.

    Although if you hang around ANurses a bit you may have a few cross words with people -- it happens.

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