Honors Project - Geriatrics...Help please!!

  1. I need to sign an honors contract with one of my nursing instructors in Geriatrics very, very soon. I'm having such a hard time coming up with a theme. I have researched current geriatrics issues online and have considered the standbys like skin integrity, fall risk, etc. I am planning on pursuing anesthesia as a specialty, so am applying for critical care/emergency medicine/surgery internships this summer and would like to pursue a topic that would tie into those areas. The only things I can come up with are differences in older adults response to anesthesia, complications specific to older adults in the aforementioned sub specialties and patient teaching projects that would apply to each. I'm sure I could make something there work, but I was wondering if anyone had any novel ideas. I'd like to do something that hasn't been done a hundred times. Any creative help would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   classicdame
    how about lonliness or the implications of living alone. People are living longer and many are alone. I personally know of three 94+ y/olds living alone
  4. by   lhflanurseNP
    How about polypharmacy and kidney/liver toxicity in older adults or encouraging physical activity such as walking (yes, even with a walker), stretching, yoga, or tai chi?
  5. by   Apples&Oranges
    Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate the ideas! Polypharmacy would tie in to pharmacology as well (which I am taking next term,) and the loneliness/depression issue is definitely a concern. I'm dealing with that in my own father and clinical patients right now. Thank you, I have much more to consider :-)
  6. by   WillyNilly
    Depression in geriatrics. Social isolation, the pharmacology aspect used to treat them is different than younger people. The sleep pattern, nutrition, etc.

    What about agitation or mental status change r/t infection? Preventative care?
  7. by   tokebi
    Delirium during hospitalization is another issue in geriatrics. If they have underlying dementia or depression, on top of advanced age, they are at a high risk of developing delirium.

    Here's a great resource for geriatric nursing:
    NICHE Program » Home Page