Help with medsurg & pharm please!!!

  1. Are there any other sources for Medsurg and pharm that are easy to use, very informative and easy to understand???
    I am on a danger zone right now. I'm 3% from passing my class- 76% ( need 79% to pass and move to next level.)
    There's so much content to learn in such a short summer semester. And I'm overwhelmed with so much homework that I have to get over with.
    I think my biggest problem right now is because there's not a lot of time. there's 2 day clinicals and other classes the rest of the week, plus exams every week! Literally no break at all.
    I spend so much time trying to understand one content then next thing I know I spent 1 day on 1 chapter when I needed to learn 10+. Med surg to me takes so much of my time to study that I have less time to study for other classes. But then I don't even get a nice higher score after all that time and effort.
    Mind you, I take proper time management andI take breaks during rigorous studying. But there's just so much I'm capable of in this short framed semester
    I'm just looking for other sources that would make understanding really relatively quick so I could have more time to dedicate to my other classes, at the same time not feel "knowledge deficit" after hours of serious studying.
    I can't afford a tutor.
    If you guys could share your tips, resources that are very easy... That can save me time, help me understand subjects relatively quick and coherently. Anything about Medsurg and pharm, cause they're the ones I'm having troubles with right now. But others are ok asI might need me in the future.
    So if You got anything like easy to read books, apps for iPod or anything. Share them to me please

    Please I need serious help!
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  3. by   Esme12
    What are you having trouble with right now? To just say med surg is quite the broad subject. Here are some cards fr [harm
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    Attached are 12 Word documents which I made when I took pharmacology. All the information was based on the ATI study guide since that constituted the final exam in our class.

    They are formatted as 3x5 cards and were printed on individual 3x5 cards.

    Have at 'em if you think they'll help... they certainly worked for me.

    Again, they are entirely my own creation based on the information out of the ATI book. I make no promises as to their accuracy (though I rocked pharm so they couldn't be too bad).

    Feedback is welcome.

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  4. by   strawberryluv
    Buy a NCLEX-RN review book in the course that you need. Don't read every word of the chapter you need to read for your class.

    Go on
    Look up Prentice-Hall Nursing Reviews & Rationales: Medical-Surgical Nursing
    purchase it. Read the section in the book that your professor will
    lecture on. Then, go to your textbook and skim the section
    that pertains to the section you just read in the review book.

    By reading your review book above and then reading youtr textbook, you would have already read the same information twice in different ways- you retain it better.

    Prentice-Hall also has a really good Pharmacology review book.

    This is how I read/study the information and I passed all my classes (currently entering my fourth year this fall).

    The review books are what targets or helps you focus your learning so you cut all the fluff of your textbooks out.

    Good luck!
  5. by   swansonplace
    During this semester, I really learned how to prioritize. Not all items in class are given the same weight. For example, clinicals for me was a pass/fail class. I use to spend 5 hours typing up these great care plans. Nope. Was a waste of time when I could write out the answers given your professor will let you do that. Those group assignments which I took a week on. Drop that down to a couple of hours since those items were always going to get a pass. Really a good private tutor is what I would suggest. They direct you and tell you what is important to study. In the beginning, I would shell out the money for one.

    Now for pharm. It all depends on how your professor tests. Generally, I would based what I studied on how the teacher tests (where and what kind of questions does she give), there is usually a pattern. Also, I studied for the nclex. It saved me lots of study time as if I could get away with it based on how the professor tested, saved me lots of time. I did tons of practice questions from Davis Success books, and reviews and rationales.

    Feuer also sells an audio of all basic pharm drugs needed for nclex, and Hurst has with her package major drugs and side effects that beginning nurses should know. These take time to go over, but if I was to pick one I guess when I was driving around back and forth and not really doing anything I would listen to feuer pharm lectures. If I had an extra 300 dollars, I would purchase Hurst. It goes over the basics of med surg on the core material. That is the why of how it works. For me understanding was key. She does short 2 hour sessions for each major symptom. You wont be able to rely on Hurst to pass, but she will give you the basics quickly to think your way through what is happening. Also, she gives you the pdfs of what nursing students should know. PM to talk offline for more discussion of this.
  6. by   swansonplace
    I use to master read my school work. That is I would read headers, topic sentences, tables and summaries first. Then answer questions at the end of the chapter. Also it is important to get a good grasp of the terminology used as you master read. Youtube helped me by giving me quick visuals and explainations I needed to reinforce or explain what I read. It saves tons of time.
  7. by   jetro
    Right now, I'm in more trouble in pharm than Medsurg. Really I'm hesitant to buy books because I might be buying the wrong thing. I wanna see a sample of the book first.
    My prof. Tests are mostly about contraindications, adverse effects, implementation, and scenarios.
    Right now she's teaching antiineoplastic meds. Cardiovascular, and reproductive. They're gonna be on my next test.
  8. by   strawberryluv rationales

    Prentice-Hall Reviews & Rationales for Pharmacology

    highly recommend this book to you to purchase. Its so precise and it basically sums up
    your textbook. Don't read your textbook if you buy this book!

    For the med-surg version of this book, skim your textbook because this is only an outline.
    You won't understand the outline if you don't at least know what the material is talking about.
  9. by   jetro
    Quote from Esme12
    What are you having trouble with right now? To just say med surg is quite the broad subject. Here are some cards fr [harm
    Esme, are there any more notes like these? I like them, can I have more?