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help! monophils and eosinophils

  1. 0 Can someone tell me what these labs could mean in regards to my pt?

    eosinophils = 2 (norms are 0 - 0.45 k/ul)
    monophils = 5 (norms are 0.11 - 0.59 k/ul)

    I have to explain what might be the cause of these abnormal (high) lab values.

    My pt was healthy, no hx of any medical problems, aside from acute PSVT which was treated with ablation today in an EPS.


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    Without GIVING you an answer...what was the WBC count? What did your lab book say raised eosins & monos? What is used during EPS?
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    That's the problem....the lab book I have sucks. Obviously I need a new one, but that won't happen before tomorrow morning when I need to turn this in. Her WBC was 8 (WNL). She had these labs done before her EPS...

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    #3 0 - information on eosinophils - quick explanation of what a differential white cell count is
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    Many thanks to you Daytonite =). These websites were just what I needed. I am ordering a new program for my PDA this weekend with better lab info. I will search through the PDA forum to see what people are recommending...

    Again, thank you! My book is doesn't give a whole lot of information on some items (excessive on some, and zero on others).

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    Think chronic inflammation and allergic reaction. Did lab values change after the procedure? What meds is the patient taking?
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    Eosinophils: remember "worms, wheezes, and weird diseases" lol. Parasitic infections, seasonal allergies, and an assortment of rare stuff .
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    SFcardiac...that is exactly what I got from the info on those websites that Daytonite gave to me. Unfortunately, I had to leave right after my pt came back from the procedure (she was still in the recovery room)...

    lol nurseratched...that is way funny! ty

    Appreciate all the help everyone,