Help dont know what to do with concept map

  1. 0 Good afternoon everyone I'm not sure what to do i forgot to write down my mess for my concept map that due next clinical day? I want to ask my professor if I can chose another day to do it but he's strict... Don't know what to do help plz
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    You don't have info written down from your patient? I would talk to your instructor because it will be next to impossible to put together a concept map when you don't have any meds written down.
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    Why don't you drive back down to the facility and write down the meds so you can have your concept map in time?
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    I can't drive back... That's impossible
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    Well then, you're going to have to talk to your strict professor and deal with the consequences of forgetting. There's nothing you can "do" other than that.
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    Have you tried talking to your professor and ask him to get permission for them to help you over the phone? Have you called the facility where you left your information and ask them if they would give it to you over the phone?

    Without the information you can't do the work...I'm not sure how we could help. How far of a drive is it?
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    Well, you'll never make that mistake again. Sometimes learning occurs when and how we don't expect it. You can try throwing yourself on the mercy of the professor but hey... this is how we learn.
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