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  1. Hello everyone

    I am currently a pregrad RPN student. As one of my final assignment i must right a relflective essay on " unjust" nursing practice or inequality a have witnessed within my clinical placement. For some reason i am having trouble finding a topix as a feel that i have not witness inequality within my clinical environment so far. it can not be abuse.....

    I am look for hint or examples as to what inequalities or unjust practices you guys may have witnessed within a longterm care or nursing home environment.

    thanks in advance for you responses.
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  3. by   herring_RN
    Some inequality I have witnessed in the past:
    • Insufficient nursing staff so that more time is spent with residents who have frequent visitors or who are able to verbally ask for what the need or want.
    • Licensed nurses given a free meal, but unlicensed nursing assistants and housekeepers have to bring their own lunch.
    • Linen closets locked. Rationing of supplies unless certain visitors or regulators are expected.
    • VIP residents catered to while others are ignored.
    • Letting incontinent people be wet until just before the next shift. Then bathing and changing linen.
    • Being rude to disoriented residents because no one will believe them if they tell.
  4. by   JuliaRNMSN
    You could start by looking at funding source for clients. What source does the agency receive funding for the clients care? There are many but the common sources are: Medicaid and or Medicare/private/long term care insurance. How does funding source influence care? I hope this helps. I worked for one organization that had some folks receiving Medicaid. I noticed that a medicaid client was not eligible for a bowel medication even though there was a documented history of ileus. At the same time, other clients were reimbursed for the same bowel med (Miralax) from their funding source(s). These clients had no history ileus.
  5. by   xokw
    I believe the OP is in Canada, this will change things.