GERD Articles? anyone?

  1. I've been at it on Google for the past hour and a half and I think this is becoming non conducive to my studies ... I can't seem to find an article over GERD ... and when I do they're over the 10 year limit.

    Does anyone know a FREE site? I don't have money to be buying articles costing me 10 bucks- sorry.

    or- does anyone HAVE an article? I can PM you my email.


    It MUST be a nursing article no more than 10 years old and it must be written by an RN in the USA.
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  3. by   StudentOfHealing
    I think I found one...!

    GERD | Nursing Comments
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Don't you have access to professional journal search engines through your school website? Medscape is free to sign up/access has a nursing section of professional articles.
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    Utilize the resources provided by the school you are attending, whether it's a physical library or an online database. I find Google Scholar to only be helpful when it's linked to my school library, which actually gives me access to the articles I find. You can also restrict the date range to filter out all of the results that are too old. Don't forget about trying different key words- heartburn, acid reflux, etc.
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Go to your actual library, either at school or in your public library in town, and get the librarian to help you. The school almost certainly has a relationship with a service that will give you articles for free. The public library has interlibrary loan and other resources.

    You do know about CINAHL, the Cumulative Index of Nuring and Allied Health Literature? That's where you can find anything. Ask your librarian.
  7. by   StudentOfHealing
    Thank you everyone! My school has an extensive database with articles and news papers and the librarian is even a former healthcare worker with experience in billing/coding and as a unit secretary... thanks for the heads up!