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First test tomorrow!

  1. 0 I have my first ever nursing school exam tomorrow (Fundamentals of Nursing), I'm so nervous and terrified I haven't studied enough. I also don't know what else to study, I feel like I know so much but what if I don't know enough??! Gah, freaking out here...anyone have any advice, tips, stories, humor, suggestions, ways not to puke (haha)?
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    What I used to do before an exam when there was simply no studying left, I either "knew it by then or I didn't" was to listen to my IPod right before my exam. I would listen to the most comforting song and drown out all the chaos going on around me (all the other students talking anxiously about the exam.) It was my relaxation teqnique. I would put on a very personal song and think about my family. That soothed my nerves
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    Oh, and good luck
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    Thanks for your reply! I made an A Definitely made my day. Okay, my year. Lol.
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    Awesome! Congrats!
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    I always told my students the best advice about prepping for any testing scenario (examination, lab check-off, NCLEX, first job...) is to go to the refrigerator. (No, not to pig out on chocolate milk and butter pecan ice cream.) It's to remove the mayonnaise jar and read what's on the lid:

    "Keep cool, do not freeze."