Emergency Hypertension 210/120 mmHg

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    So I for some reason am having such a tough time remembering the name of a medication! I had clinical and was looking at a pt's meds. There was one antihypertensive drug I've never heard of and is RARELY used by the pt, which is why I don't remember it. It was a weird one, one with a long generic name. But it is indicated for emergency HTN for bp over 210/120 mmHg. I know this is so broad, but can anyone think of a antihypertensive that is commonly used for emergency HTN ?

    It isn't lisinopril,metoprolol, lotensin, propranalol...I googled some to try to refresh my memory but had not like..

    Maybe hydralizine? Has anyone heard of this treating emergency HTN or is it commonly used for general HTN


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    Was it Catapres (clonidine)?
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    Nitropress is given in a hypertensive crisis by IV. What it that?
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    I have done ER nursing for 13 years, Hydralazine is used often in HTN crisis. Go back and ask the doc..that way you know for sure and can look it up. Good luck. Years ago we used procardia as htn crisis often goes hand in hand with pulmonary HTN. Good Luck!!
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    PO or IV?
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    Labetalol was the first drug that came to mind for me
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    Nitroprusside? Hydralazine isn't the best choice because of its long half-life and delayed initial action.
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    I don't know.....if the patient is giving it....it wouldn't be Nipride

    I think of.....metoprolol, Labetalol and other beta blockers, verapamil, procardia SL and other ca channel blockers, enalapril and other ACE inhibitiors. Hydralazine for use in pregnant patients, phentolamine (again only IV) is the drug of choice for a pheochromocytoma crisis.

    I have no idea....heck nito will work
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    nitrate/nitroglycerin? You put it under the tongue, 3 times 5 minutes apart. It can be used to treat angina or a heart attack which causes high blood pressure?

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