1. 0 Ok, I have worked this doseage calculation a hundred times. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.

    Administer Gentamycin 80mg in 100ml over 45 minutes. How would you set the pump?

    I have set it up as such


    however the answer key is saying 13.3ml/hr
    I have never had any issues and makes me think answer key is incorrect or I am flat out doing something incorrect.

    Please help!!
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    The answer key is wrong. If you have 100 mL and you run it at 13.3 mL/hr, it is going to take 7 1/2 hrs to infuse that medication.

    Your answer is correct.
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    thank you so much.
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    Yeah...they key is wrong.
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    Thanks for looking at it. I was making sure I just didn't read the question wrong.
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    When you look at it you have 100cc's of fluid that need to be infused in less than an hour automatically KNOW that the rate need to be faster than 100cc/hour. So your answer needs to be faster than 100cc/hr......133.3cc/hr is the answer
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    I came up with 133.3 mL/hr so the answer key is incorrect.

    This is how I set it up:
    100 mL * 60 min divided by 45 min