Dextrose 5% in half NS isn't even in my drug book! What on earth do I do now?

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    So for my pediatric care plan write-up I have to fill out info on each of the drugs. One of them was a maintenance fluid called D5 1/2 NS + 200 mEq KCl (D5 half normal saline and potassium chloride).

    The problem is, my Davis's Drug Guide book doesn't even list that! Not even dextrose!!

    How am I supposed to find out the side effects and nursing implications of this drug if it's just a maintenance fluid?

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    200 mEq kcl?????? Are you sure it's 200 (TWO HUNDRED) mEq's???????

    Attachment 5949 Commonly used IV Solutions

    What is the patient admitted for? What was their diagnosis? HOw do you find out about IV fluids? Google is your friend.

    ICU & Fluids – Electrolytes – Nutrition « Free Medical Textbook

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    I agree with Esme. Are you sure it's not 20 mEq of KCl. And is it per liter or per 500 mL? 200 mEq of KCl is unheard of.

    Think about why this patient is on IV fluid in the first place. What's going on with them that they require IVF?
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    D5 - Dextrose, essential, rudimentary nutrition

    1/2 saline - hypotonic, water will draw out of vascular space to tissue icf

    KCl - potassium to supp for a deficiency

    Think it through

    What could happen? Hyperglycemia? Hypovolemia? Hyperkalemia?
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    At 200meq I bet you could watch the T waves peak in real time prior to asystole.
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    Yes, 200 mEq = not compatible with life

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