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Clinical vs. Biological Death

  1. 0 So I am being a good little nurse student and studying on Labor Day weekend.... Reading through the chapter I've come upon clinical and biological death. Is there a difference? Both are pretty much defined the same in my book (cessation of vital functions of the body).
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    Clinical death is from 0-4 minutes. If someone goes into cardiac arrest then they are in clinical death. After 4 minutes they are in biological death because brain damage starts to take place.
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    Here is what I know......

    Clinical Death:
    1. Stoppage of heart beat, pulse and breathing is called clinical death.
    2. Most organs (eye, kidney) remain alive after clinical death.
    3. These organs are used for transplantation.

    Biological Death:
    1. The death caused by degeneration of tissues in brain and other part is called biological death.
    2. Most organs become dead after biological death.
    3. These organs can not be used for organ transplantation.
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    Apparently I am wrong but I thought clinical death was like brain death. We can keep vegetables alive.
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    Quote from green34
    Apparently I am wrong but I thought clinical death was like brain death. We can keep vegetables alive.
    Brain death is another form of death.....when there is brain death they are considered "legally dead".

    "Vegetables" are not brain dead......they have some clinical brain activity and cerebral blood flow.

    Clinical death is when the heart is stopped during harvesting and other organ functions cease.

    Biological death DOA.....dead on arrival, comfort care....rigor had set in.